ILN 8 April 1871 -- "Opening of the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences by the Queen"

These are exciting times for Victorian scholars with interests in the Illustrated London News. Check out this new database by Gale. Nothing satisfies my inner nerd more than these kinds of searchable archives.

4 thoughts on “New Illustrated London News Archive

  1. Exciting times, indeed, Daniel! I’m now off to sweet-talk my library into subscribing to this. It’s very cool to see just how much material from the 19th century is becoming digitized in these ways, although the question of access to those digitized reproductions will probably remain a bit of a sticking point for a while. Thanks for this!

  2. None of the libraries here have a subscription yet. It’s only a matter of time, though. I can’t wait!!

  3. Did you see the special offer on VICTORIA? — subscribing to the Victorian Periodicals Review will bring with it a one month preview of the database. (For a limited time only– the offer expires tomorrow, I think).

  4. I did see that. Sounded like a good offer! I’m hoping one of the libraries around here will purchase it soon enough. Unfortunately, I don’t have any leverage to pressure any of them to order it.

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