I recently had the privilege of guest co-editing, with Christopher Keep, a special issue of the Victorian Review on the topic of “Victorian Disability.” I am so pleased with how the issue turned out and how it brought together some of the superb scholars working in this burgeoning field. The issue is now available and I encourage you to check it out! (As you’ll see from the table of contents below, there are some wonderful contributions from some of my fellow Floating Academy members!)

Victorian Review 35.2 (Fall 2009):  Special Issue: Victorian Disability

Forum: Victorian Prostheses

Genie Babb, The Prosthetic Body

Gregory Brophy, The Sphygmograph

Fiona Coll, The Victorian Automaton as Imaginary Prosthetic

Nadja Durbach, Baby Incubators and the Prosthetic Womb

Anna Henchman, The Telescope

Tamara Ketabgian, Calculating Divinity: Babbage’s Engine, Spiritual Intelligence, and the Senses

Ivan Kreilkamp, Anthroprosthesis, or Prosthetic Dogs

Don Randall, The Imperial Boy as Prosthesis


Guest Editors: Christopher Keep and Jennifer Esmail

Esmail & Keep, Victorian Disability: Introduction

Martha Stoddard Holmes
“Happy and Yet Pitying Tears”: Deafness and Affective Disjuncture in Dickens’s “Doctor Marigold”

Neil Pemberton
Deafness and Holiness: Home Missions, Deaf Congregations, and Natural Language 1860–1890

Vanessa Warne
“To invest a cripple with peculiar interest”: Artificial Legs and Upper-Class Amputees at Mid-Century

Tamara S. Wagner,
Home Work: The Ambiguous Valorization of “Affliction” in Charlotte Yonge’s The Pillars of the House

Karen Bourrier
“The Spirit of a Man and the Limbs of a Cripple”: Sentimentality, Disability, and Masculinity in Charlotte Yonge’s The Heir of Redclyffe

Eitan Bar-Yosef
The “Deaf Traveller,” the “Blind Traveller,” and Constructions of Disability in Nineteenth-Century Travel Writing

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