The Frothingham's tobogganing on photographer William Notman's set (1869-70). Image property of the Musée McCord

In keeping with the levity that Alan introduced in his first post yesterday, I’d like to point you to some fun Victorian-related features at various museum and gallery websites.

First, at the Musée McCord’s website, there is a “Victorian Period” online game that tests your knowledge about social customs and dress. I reached a level that the game called being a “picture of politeness.” How about you? Will you be ejected from the ball for inappropriate dress?

The Musée McCord’s website also has various exhibits about nineteenth-century photography in Montreal that touch on genres including painted photos and composite photos. You can send any of the images to a friend as an e-postcard!

(Readers, you may remember that Fiona has previously written about the Musée McCord’s innovative photography exhibits in her fascinating post about stereograms)

Second, as part of their exhibition on mind-altering drugs called “High Society,” the Wellcome collection also has an online game where you play “an independent British smuggler selling opium in China’s Pearl Delta.” The game, which is somewhat complicated to play, does provide some background information on the nineteenth-century opium-tea trade that involved Britain, India and China. The site also has some extensive image galleries on themes including the nineteenth-century drug trade.

Third, the Victoria and Albert Museum has a blog that provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the installation of their current exhibition on the Aesthetic Movement.

Finally, the British Library has an online exhibition around nineteenth-century photography with a few interesting video demonstrations of early photographic techniques including calotype paper and wet collodion processes.

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