How to write (and how not to write) a scholarly book review

I’m sure I speak for all of us at the Floating Academy when I say how grateful I am to those academics who commit their time and energy to the various volunteer roles of editors, advisory board members, and manuscript readers, and thereby help create the forums where we can read the work of other scholars and publish our own research. In recent conversations with friends and colleagues in editorial roles, however, I have detected a pattern that concerns me and it relates to all the ways that we scholars, the very ones who benefit from this volunteer labor, make an editor’s role more challenging than it needs to be. Whether through missing deadlines, not responding to queries in a timely way, or not being as careful as we might be in our writing and documentation, many of us add untold hours and stress to our colleagues working in editorial roles. Continue reading “How to write (and how not to write) a scholarly book review”


Recommended Recent Books in Victorian Studies

The Floating Academy is jumping into the fray of year-end book recommendations. We’ve selected Victorian Studies books recently published (from 2006 onwards) that we find illuminating, intriguing, thoughtful and provocative. Please do add your own recommendations in the comments! Continue reading “Recommended Recent Books in Victorian Studies”